Serrano-Saluzzi-Bonomo-Gueglio (Improv on Folklore from Argentina). The configuration of this group was 3 guitars and percussion and, due to commitments of each of its members, was a rather short living endeavor yet tremendously enjoyable. Its principle was to played improvised or loosely scripted music incorporating elements of our folklore. 

Falabella-Gueglio (Guitar duo). This project was initially geared towards making money by playing the bar/hotel scene in Buenos Aires. Maybe due to the odd combination of two nylon string guitars or to the incapacity of its members to adapt to the "hotel idiom" the duo failed financially but left a recording that reflects how much we enjoyed performing together.

Blank Mind. Performers and co-creators: Dancers: Surasí Lavalle and Omar Carrum. Original Music: Tomás Gueglio. Video editing: Omar Carrum. Cameras: Renato González and Claudia Lavista. Direction and conception: Claudia Lavista. Project made thanks to the support of The Mellon Fellowship for Arts Practice and Scholarship at the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at The University of Chicago.

Nokia Etude 3. The Nokia Etudes are a series of loosely scripted works for prepared piano that I perform myself. The drone in the lower strings is set in motion by an Arduino-based device and controlled with Max-MSP. All the sounds in this piece are acoustic. No playback or digital processing is employed. Listening with a good set of headphones is recommended.