In the Sight (a dream of the 9th) (2013) is a footnote, an accessory, to Beethoven’s 9th symphony. The opening three notes of the Ode to Joy provide the pitch material of a texture that shifts, as the piece progresses, from pontillistic to homophonic, from kaleidoscopically dynamic to suspended and pensive. The image at work here is of Beethoven falling asleep while composing the 9th, and dreaming: fragments and shards of his Ode to Joy appear (one could say) half-digested in playful counterpoint, with legato melodies of lush highness juxtaposed with clunky clusters juxtaposed with feverishly virtuosic solos. In the Sight slows down as it goes, suggesting a curve of increased melancholy. It thus attempts to mimic the bittersweet emotional state of waking up from a dream so involved you need a few minutes to figure out that a dream was all that was