Filmed live, April 3rd, 2014. The University of Toledo. Latitude 49 is: Jason Paige, clarinet. Andy Hall, saxophone. Chris Sies, percussion. Jani Parsons, piano. Timothy Steeves, violin. Jacobsen Wollen, cello.

Sextet II (Apostillas a Mil Panaderos) (2013) actually began life as a solo violin piece, Mil Panaderos. In the process of transcription into the new instrumental forces, the work underwent a substantial change in character: what in the original was virtuosity and bravura became, in the sextet version, intimacy and introspection. While this new version negates the extroverted nature of its predecessor, it maintains certain features of the form i.e. pacing and the chronological distribution of the materials.


(from the program note by Timothy Steeves) "Tomas Gueglio-Saccone’s Sextet II is a wonderful example of economy and atmosphere. The texture of the piece is sparse but the sonic landscape is compelling and engrossing. Each sonic event therefore becomes and invaluable addition of color and sonority” "