Performance at the CETC of the Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires. June 18, 2016. (Mov. I: 0' Mov. II: 2'45'' Mov. III: 4'50'' Mov. IV: 6' 40'')

Canción en Duermevela (2016) can be best described as a sound landscape for four guitars. At its basis lies an extended melody (cantus firmus), divided in four shorter sections. Each note of this cantus is consistently harmonized in three-note chromatic clusters, distributed pointillistically among the four guitars, and adorned by an assorment of sounds that are somewhat rare in the traditional repertory of guitar music. “Landscape” and “slumber” are tropes that in contemporary (and not so contemporary) music suggest floating and suspended textures, that appeal to an immersive listening attitude. Canción en Duermevela matches this characterization and incorporates also the unpredictable logic of dreamlike states to juxtapose, in short time spans, motivic materials that might appear disjointed